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Do you need relief from pain? Would you like to stimulate your immune system and lessen depression and anxiety? Increase your energy levels and improve your concentration?

These are some of the many benefits therapeutic massage and bodywork can provide to you often in just a few sessions.

What conditions are treated with massage therapy?

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•  Headache, migraines, and neck pain

•  Shoulder and rotator cuff pain

•  Carpal tunnel syndrome pain and discomfort

•  Elbow pain, such as tennis and golfer's elbow

•  Back, hip and sacroiliac pain and discomfort

•  Sports injuries

•  Insomnia, anxiety, and depression

We know you have a busy life – with the demands of work, family, or school, it's often hard to make time for yourself. We make it easy for you to take that time and invest in your health and well-being.


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The many benefits of therapeutic massage

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Find out about our house calls and on-site visits to offices or conferences.